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ВИВАСАН дарит вам “Ambiance” - приятную атмосферу и изысканную линию

Линия "Амбианс"

VIVASAN brings you “Ambiance” – a pleasant atmosphere and an elegant line. Ambiance – a union of aromas and emotions – is not an invention of poets or perfume manufacturers. The incredible “Ambiance” line includes perfumed biocellulose face masks and eau de parfum. Scents have been created exclusively for VIVASAN by worldwide famous perfume designer Michael Förster. The first thing that people feel when you enter the room and the last thing that disappears when you leave is your fragrance. A well-chosen fragrance can become your signature mark. The AMBIANCE fragrances collection is a flawless style and an unforgettable aroma. Feel this subtle appeal giving you a longstanding success.

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