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Friday, July 1, 2016

By well established tradition, in the most romantic time of the year, during the period of white nights, the Northern capital bid welcome to more than 120 Vivasan representatives from the North-Western regions of Russia. "The path of the winner" continues its successful march and never fails to incite a profound interest in and a hearty response from its participants.

The greatness of the city, its unique architecture always make a lasting impression, in addition to the positive energy and the desire to learn yet another way to success.

Gayana Gottfried is going to share her impressions with you in greater detail:

And I meet again with Saint-Petersburg!.

«A few years of economic crisis are behind us»- started his presentation Thomas Gottfried. After arriving last night in St.Petersburg, I was surprised to notice that I didn’t feel the impavt of a crisis. The city was full of foreign visitors, and a restaurant table had to be booked a few days in advance. Of course, there are cities where things are going much more poorly.

Why did I start my speech with that? I will show you how the right thoughts can make a huge difference.

It is the time of crisis that reveals who works right and who doesn’t. A person’s success is 90% dependent on how one thinks. There are no stupid people; there are those who realize how to use their brain efficiently and those who are not there yet.

In a time of crisis people lose. Why do some people lose while others don’t? The answer is simple. Those who lose in the midst of a crisis, are not successful in the best of times.

Admitting your defeat is also an art!

We will talk about the fact that a person should doubt everything; we’ll also talk about excuses as any excuse is the beginning of the end. We will touch upon the idea of fear of the unknown, and we will learn where to get the energy to achieve success.

I will talk about 10 rules, following which you will succeed in every aspect of your life. The most important thing is to honestly answer my questions.

This is the fourth seminar on the topic of «The path of the winner», and I must say that this time around the topic that I elaborated on was even more large-scale as I had more time.

This was noted by the participants that had attended the Riga seminar and the Moscow conference.

The psychological part smoothly moved to the topic of duplicating the right thoughts and actions into the context of a structure. Next, a presentation was held about a new instrument at work, more specifically a Webshop Vivasan.

At the end of the first day, the director of the Vivasan branch in Saint-Petersburg Garibyan Tamara Georgievna delivered a thank-you speech. Presents were awarded to the most active leaders of the company, who improved organization of the event Club «Vivasan».

A mini-lecture delivered by Sarkisyan Armen Jonovich, the doctor of the Vivasan-Saint-Petersburg company, turned out to be an unexpected surprise. A story of the house, located on 13 Rubinstein street, was told.

The street acquired its current name in honour of the composer Anton Grigorievich Rubinstein, who wrote his work «The night» to which Anna Pavlova herself danced.

By the way, one of Anna Pavlova’s quotes is very similar to the idea that Thomas Gottfried mentions in all his seminars, namely:

«If you pursue the same goal, you are sure to discover the secret of success»…

But the surprises were not done with yet. After the seminar we were in for a wonderful evening at the neighbouring «Through the looking glass» musical theater’s Retro-patio.

It was nice to immerse oneself in the atmosphere of Odessa that was created by the folk artists of the theater. To famous chanson songs, such as: «Scows full of mullet», «Buy bagels» and many other recognizable tunes, the artists gave a great performance. At the end of the show the artists invited everyone to dance and were surprised at how readily and happily their inivation was accepted.

Slide shows can be viewed here:

On the second day of the seminar Thomas Gottfried gave a detailed explanation about bioavailability and working nuances of the new web business-platform online store (described in detail at a Moscow news conference).

Next, I made a presentation about the new products that would hit the shelves in 2016-2017.

After that a «Medical conference» that managed to become a tradition was waiting for us.

Sarkisya Armen Jonovich (Emergency room doctor, Doctor of Philosophy for Medicine) took the floor to speak about «Drug prescription algorythms with the help of «Biopulsar» apparatus. Thorough research of the drug exposure after «Biopulsar» diagnostics made A.D. Sarkisyan think about the importance of information delivery regarding consistent and gradual application of Vivasan products.

After all, the main purpose of Vivasan products is to work with the cause, while concentrates of natural biological agents are used for correction of metabolic mechanisms.

Krivov Vladimir Valntinovich (Therapist, Doctor of Philosophy for Medicine) gave a speech on the topic of «A new take on the causes of atherosclerosis development and effectiveness of its theraphy with Vivasan drugs.

Years of experience, lots of people that were the beneficiaries of Vladimir Valentinovich’es help and interesting presentation of material once again inspired seminar participants.

Nehoroshkova Olga Vladimirovna (Oncogynecologist, Physician of Superior Merit and simply a charming woman), gave a speech on «Practical application of the Vivasan products in primary and secondary prevention of breast cancer».

Particularly pleasing in this speech was the fact that after the speaker asked the audience if any one of them underwent a mammogram, almost all women raised their hands.

This is a huge success, as for many years Olga Vladimirovna has been engaged in breast cancer prevention efforts.

In addition, her speech in Turkey on «Breast cancer prevention», on the occasion of Vivasan‘s 15th anniversary inspired our company’s distributors to be examined, and it saved several lives!

Zotova Olga Viktorovna (Rehabilitation specialist, pediatrician, osteopath) gave a speech on the topic of «Micropediatry’s experience of Vivasan product application in female infertility treatments for planned pregnancy»

How could we not feel happy, when Olga Vladimirovna just reported that 38 women had just became happy mothers after using Vivasan product programs prescribed to them!

Semko Anastasiya Vladimirovna (Dermatocosmetologist, trichologist, nutritionist, aromatherapist, winner of the international certificates in Nutrition and Dietology) gave a talk on «Vivasan product applicaton in treatment programs of androgenetic alopecia».

I must say that there are a lot of myths regarding hair loss, that have been passed from generation to generation. Semko A.V. magnificently dispelled all of them. And product application results just set everyone’s imagination on fire with their effectiveness. On top of that, the performance was accompanied by the Before and After photos.

At the end of the performance director Garibyan T.G. congratulated all doctors on the Day of medical workers and presented gifts as a token of gratitude for their hard labour.

From my part, I would like to thank Tamara Georgievna and all employees of the Vivasan-Saint-Petersburg branch for excellent organization, warm welcome and attention to each seminar participant.

As I have already mentioned earlier, this is the fourth seminar on the topic of «The path of the winner», but none of them has repeated themselves. In every speech Thomas Gottfried takes into account certain special features. Nevertheless, there is only one path of the winner! Regardless of special characteristics of different countries or cities. And that jouney leads to success!

With fond memories,

Gayana Gottfried

You can check out photos from the previous seminar by following the link: