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Natural Face Care

Уже много лет косметика «Лохербер» увлекает женщин в путешествие по волшебному миру, где течение времени сливается в гармонии с нетронутой природой

Линия «Улыбка без морщин»

Over the years “Locherber” cosmetics has been taking women to a journey through a magical world where the flow of time fuses in harmony with virgin nature. It’s a journey based on true and sincere emotions, a way from the “heart” of a miraculous plant to the heart of a beautiful woman. And your skin blossoms!

Natural ingredients of “Locherber” cosmetic line will let you to ignore your age and your beauty will remain unaffected by time. Years will go by, children will grow up, everything will change but you will stay the same – attractive, active and full of emotions!

Nature loves your skin. And is there anything stronger in the world than love?!

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