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Thinly sliced meat with chanterelle mustard sauce

Fine mustard sauce made with Swiss organic mustard combined with fresh chanterelles.

30 min. Serves
4 people

-2 shallots
-1 tbsp. oil
-100 ml white wine-200 ml clear vegetable sou
-200 ml full fat cream
-100 g butter
-2 tbsp. Pepico Senf-Honig [mustard honey] seasoning
-100 g fresh chanterelles-herbal sea salt
-2 tbsp. oil-500 g thinly sliced beef or pork

Prepare the sauce

Finely chop the onions. Heat a frying pan and lightly braise the chopped onion in hot oil over medium heat. Deglaze with white wine and let it simmer. Then add the stock and cream, bring to a boil and purée the sauce. In the meantime, carefully clean the chanterelles with a kitchen brush.

Melting the butter into the sauce

Add the butter to the sauce piece by piece and let it melt. Occasionally remove the pan from the heat to prevent the butter from getting too hot in the sauce.

Refine the sauce
Finally, add the Pepico Senf-Honig [mustard honey] seasoning and season the sauce with herbal sea salt and pepper. Add the chanterelles.

Prepare the meat

Season the meat a little with salt and pepper and brown in hot oil in a separate pan. Then carefully add to the chanterelle mustard sauce. Stir gently and serve.

Serve with tagliatelle and a green salad.