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Beef stir-fry Wok

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 25 minutes
Total time: 40 minutes

Serves 4

- 1 Large cucumber for salad (near 500 gr)
- 1 tsp. VIVASAN Seasoning herbs with sea salt
- 400 gr Beef rump
- 1 A clove of garlic
- 1 Large chili pod
- 4 Bunching onion
- 3 tbs. Peanut butter
- 3 tbs. Sweet soy sauce
- 1 tsp. Sesame oil
- 200 ml VIVASAN Vegetable soup-broth (prepared following the instructions)
- 2 tbs. VIVASAN Seasoning mix Fuego (25 gr)


1. Scrape a cucumber, remove the seeds, and slice evenly. Sprinkle with herb seasoning with sea salt and let it stand for about 10 minutes. Then, wash pieces of cucumber in cold water and dry (let the water drain away).

2. Cut the meat lengthwise and diagonally to the fiber cut into thin strips.

3. Peel the garlic and chop finely. Cut chili pepper into thin strips. Cut one onion stalk into very thin rings and set aside. The rest of the onion cut into rings that are 2 cm thick.

4. Hit two tablespoons of peanut butter in a wok frying pan (or any conventional deep frying pan), place the sliced meat there and stir fry until golden brown. Season with half of the seasoning mix Fuego and remove from the pan. Heat up soy sauce with a small amount of water in the wok quickly and add to the meat.

5. Heat up the remaining peanut butter in a wok (or pan) and fry broad onion rings and sliced peppers for a few seconds. Add cucumber slices and fry for about 3 minutes, stirring occasionally, until semitranslucent.

6. Meat juice from the cooking broth and remaining seasoning Fuego put in a wok, simmer, stirring, for about 2 minutes. At the end of the season with sesame oil and seasoning herbs with sea salt to taste and garnish with onion rings.

For a well-balanced menu we recommend the following on the side: