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Vivasan 2017

17 април 2017 г.

Dear clients and representatives of Vivasan,

2017 is not only the year of our company’s 20th anniversary. It is also the time for changes of Vivasan.

We develop our internet store actively and successfully along with our branches and warehouses.

For purposes of our further development and improvement of customer services we continue developing our on-line store.

We are glad to inform you about the function that appeared on our website – the function of on-line payments for your purchases with credit cards. And you can do that in any delivery point that we offer in our on-line store.

European countries had joined our on-line store along with Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

You can find the delivery price for Europe by clicking the “Service” tab on our website. Languages of service are English or German.

We provide services for all European countries from our central warehouse in Vienna.

Today the information in our web-store is available in three languages: Russian, English and German. But we are working on adding other languages as well.


First and foremost, such innovation as a banking card payment on our website has advantages for our consultants and leaders because it lets to include the paid amount immediately into the structure’s general turnover. This is also related to all consultants of Vivasan who work through a virtual warehouse.

When ordering products using virtual warehouse, you can put any client’s delivery address for each order. You can do this when paying by your banking card as well. If you choose a “collect on delivery” option, the order for the client will be sent exclusively to the address of the head of the warehouse that placed the order.


We hope this became good news to you and wish you success.


Sincerely Yours,


Thomas Göttfried

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