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Natural Hair COLOUR

Line Color

Don’t be afraid of dyeing your hair – it is safe now! You will get a natural hair color with shades and undertones, and natural ingredients will give your hair softness and glow.



“SanoTint” Classic hair dye with golden switchgrass and natural plant extracts offers marvelous colors for dyeing hair without damaging it. It is ammonia-free. It is an exclusive hair dye for at-home applying with golden switchgrass extract which is rich in silicon necessary for protecting and improving hair structure. It contains calcium panthothenate and biotin, hydrating and restorative components that make your hair strong and silken. It is possible to mix 2 and more shades to create your very own, unique look.


SanoTint” Light hair dye - is the safest product for effective and sparing hair coloring. Due to its special formula, it is suitable even for sensitive skin prone to allergies. The hair dye does not contain such elements as ammonia or p-Phenylendiamine which are commonly known for causing skin irritation. It guarantees full grey hair coverage from the first application. SanoTint Light hair dye protects hair structure and provides it with essential nutrition due to its natural ingredients (golden switchgrass, olive leaf extract, birch leaf extract and grapeseed extract). We offer you a palette of 12 trendy colors.

Warning: SanoTint Light hair dye cannot be mixed. Shade 87 “Extra light golden blond” and shade 88 “Extra light blond” have strong lightening effect; therefore hair needs no further lightening.


“SanoTint” hair dye advantages:

- -guarantees full grey hair coverage

- -lasting and bright hair color on healthy, glowing hair

- -one pack can be easily divided for several colorings

- -easy to apply: does not leak and instantly dyes all grey hair

- -extremely low risk of developing allergic reactions

- -optimal quality-price ratio

- -progressive solution for delicate hair dyeing

- -does not contain parabens, paraffin, components of animal origin, GMOs, alcohol, heavy metals; dermatologically tested, not tested on animals


For your safety, we recommend you to conduct a test on individual tolerance of components following the instruction. Do not use for eyelash and eyebrow tinting.

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