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Data policy



This data protection notice describes the way Gecco GmbH, Nibelungengasse 11/16, 1010 Vienna (further "Vivasan") uses the data collected or obtained from visitors ("visitors") of this website ("website"). It describes the way we may collect or obtain your personal data, what type of personal data we may collect, how we use this data, how we use and protect it together with others, how long we are allowed to store this data and how you can contact us regarding our data protection practices.


Further information about the way we may collect and use personal data from other persons than the visitors of this website is available for Vivasan Business Owners ("Business Owners") or Members in our data protection guidelines for Business Owners/Members (including information about the way we are allowed to use your personal data if you are logged on our website as a Business Owner or Member).


How we may collect or obtain personal data from you


Vivasan may collect or obtain your personal data in various ways, based on your using the website.


You can transmit your personal data and other information through various communication channels offered on the "Contact" page of the website, for example via Vivasan email addresses, telephone numbers or online forms.


We may also use cookies or similar technical procedures for storing certain information on the use of the website, when you access, view or use the site. A cookie is a data file that is stored on your computer or mobile device when these are used for visiting websites. We do not permit third parties to store cookies on your device. The table below offers an overview of the cookies that we may use and of the purposed of their use.


·         The following cookie is necessary for the functionality of our website.


Cookie name



This cookie stores details of a visitor's shopping cart.


·         The following cookies are not necessary for the functionality of our website; they are usually used, however, to offer certain services as well as to maintain and improve them. We do not store any of these cookies without your agreement.


Cookie name



This cookie identifies the standard language used by the visitor.


This cookie identifies that user's country of preference.


This cookie stores the standard settings of the user profile.


This cookie stores the standard settings for the user attributes.


This cookie stores the standard settings for the user profile and user attributes.


This cookie is responsible for recording of the technical part of the session.


This cookie is responsible for recording of the technical part of the session.

Google Analytics, Coremetrics, Omniture, Tealeaf

These cookies are used to collect information about the visitors' use of our website. All data collected via these cookies is anonymised and not user-specific. Part of the collected information are the number of visitors on the website, the origin of the visitors and which pages they accessed.


You can deactivate these cookies in your browser's settings (e. g. under "Settings" or "Internet options" of your browser). Please keep in mind, however, that some performance features of the website may not function normally if you deactivate the use of cookies.


Which personal data are we allowed to collect?


By means of the cookies listed in the previous chapter ("How we may collect or obtain personal data from you") we may collect information regarding your use of the website, your IP address, your browser type and your operation system. For the processing of your online shopping, we may also collect your payment information as well as information regarding your preferred products and your purchasing behaviour.


In addition, we may collect your contact data indicated on the "Contact" page of the website such as your name, your email address, your post address, telephone number and fax number. You are free to indicate other data related to you in your requests or comments. We recommend, however, that you only mention the personal data we need so as to be able to respond to your requests or comments accordingly.


How we use the personal data collected


We use your personal data to react to your comments or requests,  process your online shopping,  establish the contact to our Vivasan business partner for you,  improve the website and user experience and investigate server problems. If you decide not to mention personal data, we'll possibly be unable to offer you the services mentioned above.


Registration as customer:


If you register as customer, we collect, if necessary, the following personal data:

·         Contact information (e. g. name, post or email address, fax and telephone number);

·         Password;

·         Tax information to the extent required by the law;

·         Payment information (e. g. bank account or credit card information);

·         Product preferences, purchasing behaviour, purchases made and spending behaviour;

·         Communication preferences.

In exceptional cases we need further personal data. If we have to process such personal data, we do it only within the applicable data protection legal provisions (e. g. after we obtain your explicit consent).

We also use the personal data you transmit us for the following purposes:

·         Administration of your registration as customer;

·         Creation and administration of your online account and processing of your requests;

·         Processing of your goods and services orders;

·         Communication with you;

·         Forwarding your name, address, telephone number or email address to your Vivasan Business Owner;

·         Facilitation of your use of our website by means of cookies (e. g. for the shopping cart function, for storing your registration data and language settings etc.);

·         Website optimisation, including by following and monitoring website use with the help of cookies as well as issue diagnosis related to the software and hardware we use;

·         Performing accounting, audit, invoicing and encashment activities; and

·         Fulfilment of the applicable legal provisions, professional standards and internal guidelines.

If you do not make your personal data available to us we may possibly be unable to deliver the above-mentioned services.


How we may use personal data together with others


Vivasan does not sell, nor rent, nor trade in your personal data. Vivasan may use your personal data together with the following parties exclusively:


·         enterprises within Vivasan to which it is reasonably necessary or desirable to forward personal data;

·         Vivasan Business partners, to make possible communication of tips, ordering instructions and product information that you order with Vivasan and Vivasan Business Opportunity and

·         Governmental authorities and other third parties, when this is legally required or reasonably necessary, to protect others' and our own rights, property and safety.



How we protect personal data


We are equipped with adequate technical and organisational safety mechanisms for the protection of the personal data you transmit from accidental, illegal or unauthorised destruction, loss, access, modification, disclosure or use.


For how long we store personal data


We store personal data for as long as necessary for the realisation of the purposes for which we collect the data (see above, chapter "How we use the personal data collected") on condition that this is not forbidden by the applicable law.


Links to other websites


The website may contain links to websites administered by third parties whose information and data protection practices are different from ours. We are not responsible or liable for the information and data protection practices applied by these third parties. We recommend you to read the data protection notices of all external websites before using these sites or giving your personal data or other information on or via these websites.


Update of the website data protection notice


Vivasan reserves the right to modify this data protection notice at any time. In case we modify this data protection notice, we will update the date of entry into force, these changes taking effect on the publication of the notice on the website. We recommend that you check the data protection notice regarding the website regularly.


Your rights


According to the applicable law, your rights may include the access to your personal data processed by us, the right to modify, delete or block this data, and the right to refuse certain data processing activities. In order to exercise these rights, you shall send a written request via our contact data mentioned below.