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Why Vivasan

Instant discount program

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You can place regular orders for yourself or blanket orders for your customers.

This order is tied to your consultant number.

Depending on the order amount, you get an instant discount that is made available after placing an order.

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This discount is basically an advanced payment on your premiums according to the Vivasan marketing plan.

If you order a product to the value of 200 Swiss francs, you get a discount in the form of 20 Swiss francs, so in other words you only have to pay 180 Swiss francs.

Keep in mind: Order to the value of 200 Swiss francs in the online store amounts to a retail price of 241 Swiss francs! In this case you save 61 Swiss francs.

Keep in mind:You can pay for your order with a credit card or upon receipt. When paying with a credit card, your order is instantenously recognized on your account in our payment system. If you pay for your order upon receipt, this order’s turnover is put on you account in our payment system only after the receipt of monetary funds.